“Coming home with a third baby, I knew was going to be an adjustment, but having a wonderful doula from Nearby Baby made the transition so much easier and gave me time to rest!”

- Casie Ponton, Schuyler, Va.

“Nearby Baby doulas provided the best possible post part support I could imagine, especially dealing with a first child, while we’re away from our families. With the doulas I learned how to bath[e] the baby, pump breastmilk, and just had someone to talk to and help me out through the day. Thank you so much!”

- Jennie L., from Ukraine/Israel/Charlottesville

“We decided to use Nearby Baby Doulas to help us after we had our first baby without any family members nearby. We weren’t sure what to expect but the support, the help and the guidance we got were beyond our greatest expectations. During the first two weeks home with the baby we relied on the doula completely for guidance for every new thing we wanted to try like breastfeeding, bathing, carriers, etc. During later weeks we also enjoyed their expert knowledge in identifying diaper rash and correcting or suggesting different [ways] we could be trying. I strongly recommend their service to anyone who would like trustworthy guidance, advice, or just help in this new and exciting time in their life.”

- Yevgeny T., from Ukraine/Israel/Charlottesville

"Having a doula was extremely beneficial to me, my husband and our babies. As a new mom I had a steep learning curve to go through starting immediately with our arrival at home. Having an extra pair of expert hands available to help with whatever I needed really made a huge difference in my overall sense of well-being, eased my worried mind, and gave me a confidence boost as I built my skill set. Even after those first few days, having a doula there was very helpful and allowed me to get my bearings as I started my journey into motherhood. Their ability to work with us despite our limited income was a welcome relief. I will be forever grateful for their assistance, support and friendship during this important time! My husband and I would definitely recommend."

- mother of twins, from Charlottesville

"Quedamos muy contentos con el servicio que nos prestaron, la atención hacia los bebés siempre fue de mucho cariño y paciencia. Además brindaron el apoyo emocional que mi esposa requería al principio del proceso postparto. Las recomendamos 100%." 

- father of twins, from Venezuela/Charlottesville

“[To] have them in my apartment it’s help because sometime you need people to talk. I never been isolate when they are here.”

- single mom of 7 year old and newborn, from Rwanda/Charlottesville

"I am so thankful to have had the support of a Nearby Baby doula after the birth of my fifth baby. It is wonderful to have the assurance of and look forward to regular visits from someone who you can trust completely and is willing and able to help you out with everything from breastfeeding support to baby care to making sure the new mother is fed/hydrated/rested to helping older siblings adjust - plus all the little household things like laundry and dishes that you haven't been able to get around to since baby was born!"

- mother of 5, Gordonsville 

"Tener una doula de Nearby Baby realmente ayudó a nuestra familia a adaptarse a la vida con un nuevo bebé."

- father of 5, from Mexico/Gordonsville