Helping you

We’ll  help by taking care of you and your baby during the first weeks after your baby’s birth. We stay nearby baby while you:

  • Rest or nap, while we tidy up
  • Heal from childbirth and/or adjust to life with your newborn,
  • Eat healthy, delicious meals we prepare,
  • Shower, take care of yourself after delivery,
  • Take a break from caring for your other children while we do
  • and more.

Helping baby

We’ll help you learn about all the things newborns do and need. We'll help you in:

  • Feeding your baby: breast and bottle,
  • Reading your baby’s signs for so many things such as: needing to eat or sleep, or beginning to wake up
  • Learning ways to do these things and much more with your baby:
    • be safe while asleep and awake,  
    • calm during fussy times,
    • give baths or massages,
    • wear in baby carriers,
    • play with and find Montessori ways of being with your baby
    • most of all: enjoy your baby!

Helping the rest of your family

We are also there to help partners and siblings (even pets!) adjust to and care for their new baby too.